Cancer Outreach Program

The African American Cancer Initiative attempts to make an impact on the devastation
caused by cancer in the African American community through education, prevention
and treatment. Specifically, the project will:

  1. Educate people on how cancer affects their community through the use of a cancer assessment. This assessment provides data on which cancers occur most in a community, available cancer screening services, and provide general education. We address prevalence, incidence and mortality rates.
  2. Give people tips on how to lower their cancer risk. Education about cancer and its associated causes are discussed as well as preventive education to reduce the occurrence of cancer.
  3. Work with clergy, civic and business groups and community leaders to make sure people have the information and services they need to understand cancer and how it affects a person health and life.
  4. We bridge the gap between providers and clients. We strive to become known as a community leader in the fight against cancer.
  5. Host a call center where patients can get answers to questions about participating in clinical trials and can learn about trials for which they may be eligible. Other general information is also available via the call center.
  6. Host monthly support groups for cancer survivors and their families.
  7. Host quarterly community educational forums.

"Knowledge of self (knowing your history) is perhaps the greatest thing that you could possess. Once you know who you are everything falls into place." ~Runoko Rashidi